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JIm Wenneker

Jim Wenneker served on Sikeston Little Theatres Board of Directors starting in 1971 and served for 27 years. He served as Vise President for 15 of those. He directed or acted in 26 plays. He designed the stage for the Sikeston Activity Center and the Chaney-Harris cultural center. He was working on plans and was a consultant regarding the Albritton Mayer Building that was in progress until his sudden death in 1998. He relocated to Sikeston from Quincy, IL to become manager of a local radio station and it was this move that brought him to SLT, after being involved in Theatre in College. In 1983 he became an ordained minister and he also gave acting, music, public speaking lessons and was music director for Trinity Baptist Church. Jim directed many young people workshops with SLT. To be involved in SLT without children in the Theatre shows dedication and many of our inspirations stayed involved after their children were grown or did not have any, to continue to give back to the Theatre. Jim was a joy to be around, had a sense of humor and treated everyone with respect. He brought much to our community Theatre and appreciate all his work through the years. He appeared in a play in Northern Illinois with movie and TV star, Lyle Talbot.

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