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Bing Limbaugh

Lawrence "Bing" Limbaugh founded Sikeston Little Theatre. Most of the people who are involved with SLT today were not lucky enough to have met Bing Limbaugh. If anyone reading this has any stories or info please contact the Theatre. We would love to hear it. Just by reading about him, he truly was one of the most interesting people. Movies were not his favorite, he wanted live. He and his wife traveled to many destinations to see plays that had actors that we would be familiar with, such as Glen Close, Chita Rivera, Dabney Coleman and Madeline Kahn, to name a few. They were attending a play one evening and opening curtain was held. He later found out it was for Donald Trump and his wife. He had a few words to say about that. His humor and dedication were made evident in his correspondence with the SLT group many years after he moved from this area. You can read more about that in the gallery. He was a graduate of Sikeston High School and never forgot his home town, supporting SLT with donations and encouragement.

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